2018 WGJ_Vol_33-4cvr

Preview of the Water Garden Journal, Winter 2018 Vol 33-4

03 President’s Letter
President Susan Davis outlines the new IWGS web site.
05 Expert Corner
Soni Forsman describes overwintering techniques for shallow water gardens.
06 Research Report
James Allison warns about basal rot in water iris.
09 Plant Registrations
Tamara Kilbane outlines the IWGS lotus and waterlily registration
10 Event Report
Details from the recent National Symposium on Aquatic Plants in Nanjing.
12 Plant Registrations 2
Daike Tian lists the 41 new lotus registrations.
24 Plant Registrations 3
Tamara Kilbane lists the 38 new waterlily registrations.
32 Plant Report
Ganesh Anandhakrishnan addresses the issues in getting lotus to bloom.
34 Contest Winners
John Sou announces the IWGS New Waterlily Competition Winners.
37 Tour Report
Visits to Thailand and the United States.

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